About Alex


Alexander Reben designs robots and novel interfaces to explore our evolving relationship with technology. His work has been shown at Ars Electronica, Volta, and The Whitney Biennial and has been featured in New Scientist, Fast Company, and The NY Times. His recent interactive installation, “Robots-in-Residence: The World’s First Documentary Shot And Directed Entirely By Robots,” was showcased at the Tribeca International Film Festival. He is currently the director of technology and research at Stochastic Labs, an incubator for sustainable creative design companies where he is working on machine ethics and next generation social robotics. Reben is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab.

I offer a full range of consulting services.
My experience ranges from electrical and robotics engineering, product design, and interaction design techniques to brand activation build-out and project management.

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My work, explained in 5 minutes: