I speak on a variety of topics including design for interaction, art, robotics and the future of technology.
My lectures are custom tailored to the topic of interest drawing upon my wide interdisciplinary knowledge.


Some of my previous talks were at venues such as:

“Alex was a fabulous contributor to the Thinking Digital Conference. Great onstage and in mixing with our conference participants. In addition he was a pleasure to work with preparing for his talk. If you’re looking for an innovator mashing up technology, media, psychology and robotics he is your man!”
Herb Kim, ‎Founder & CEO of Thinking Digital Limited

“Alex’s presentation at our “Connecting the Bots” was one of the conference highlights—his droids were by turns astonishingly cute and more than a little terrifying in the ease with which they engaged total strangers to reveal their innermost secrets.”  
Steven Cherry, Director of TTI/Vanguard